Visiting Aqua Park Faliraki during Rhodes holidays

Rhodes is ideal for foreign tourists who do not want to spend a lot of money during their holidays, as this place offers a perfect amalgamation of beauty, history, and fun within all budget needs.

This island is visited annually by a large number of tourists and visitors. There are many aspects that make Rhodes holiday ideas better. Not only can you see beautiful places and historical sites, but you can also find many activities that are worth exploring during your Rhodes holidays. You can entertain yourself in the nightlife of this island; One can also do shopping in different malls and shops.

If you are coming to Rhodes Island with your family, Aqua Park Faliraki is one of the best attractions in the region for the whole family.

Aqua Park Faliraki:

Aqua Park Faliraki is one of the largest water parks in Europe. The park offers amazing activities like water sports, water slides, swimming pools, artificial waves, pirate ship, wading pools and much more.

Aqua park here is a complete family place. Children as well as adults enjoyed the park equally. When coming to Rhodes Holidays with kids it’s a must see place. The place is very safe for both children and adults. The whole place is run and managed by excellent staff.

The games are completely safe even for young children. There are always safeguards and supervisors to watch the kids play in the area. The Aqua Park is mostly open from nine in the morning until seven or eight in the evening. There are about thirty-five well-trained collateral on duty during park times.

Adults can also indulge in various sports here. The park has artificial waves for surfing and diving. An exciting cruise from the east coast to Symi Island is also available.

There are lockers available for people coming all day. There are also showers and toilets in different places. Telephone booths are located in various areas of the parks. There are shops, restaurants, bars and rest rooms in the Aqua Park so spending the whole day in the park is not a problem.

For golfers, there is a mini golf course where adults can play golf. Other facilities at the Aqua Park include a free shuttle train that can be used to travel within the park. The park has a large, secure parking area for people who bring their own vehicles.

If you are a vacationer planning your next holidays in Rhodes, don’t forget to add a day trip to Aqua Park Faliraki in your must-do list. This park offers a lot of exciting activities especially during the Rhodes holiday. So you must take some time to ride there and eat and shop in this park.

You will never get bored for a single moment due to the many entertaining activities that are offered in this park. For almost every age group, there is something to do at Aqua Park Faliraki.

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