The blast zone releases a huge chain of inflatables

Blast Zone, a leading manufacturer of inflatables for home use, has released a new series of inflatables for us to review today. Blast Zone calls there a new line of giant inflatables. The theory behind the Mega line is to take proven designs and concepts and make them bigger and better with greater capacities and more features. At first glance, they hit home. The first two inflatables in the Mega line released are the Shark Park Mega Play Park and the Mega Croc 13 in 1 Inflatable Water Park. Both units are based on the successful residential water slides that Blast Zone has had for three years or more. These oversized versions of the original designs really are.

The Shark Park Mega Play Park evolved from the Great White Wild inflatable slide. The Great White is a straight, double-lane slide designed to get kids sliding out of the sharks’ mouth. Shark Park takes that concept and makes the slide one side of this unit. This inflatable has it all. Kids climb the sharks backwards, into the head and slide through the mouth down the slide into a pool area that can accommodate up to four children. The splash pool measures approximately 10″ x 8″. On both sides of the pool, there are water sprinklers to keep the pool area cool for those hot summer days. Next to the slide and pool area is a bounce house with a bounce area of ​​approximately 7′ x 6′. The bounce house can be entered either through the velcro opening of the safety net or through the tunnel that goes under the shark slide. Both entrances allow for a secure entrance. The bounce house can double as a ball pit area, too. This inflatable has something for everyone.

Mega Croc 13 in 1 inflatable water park evolved from one of the most popular blast zone water slides, Crocodile Island. Crocodile Island is similar to a gator with a slide that slides down the head and a slide that slides down the slide with a pool area in front for the kids to play. Calling Mega Croc a Mega is an understatement. This is the Taj Mahal of residential water parks. Mega Croc, like Crocodile Isle, is based on a crocodile that kids can slide on the head and tail. However, Mega Croc adds a third chip that runs down the leg of the crocodile. Both head and tail slides go into the pools for extended gliding. Children climb on the back of the crocodile. Once the crocs are on the back, kids can choose which of the three slides they want to go down. Under the head and tail slats are tunnels that feed into two separate machine gun assemblies. This unit has a total of three swimming pools. If you are looking for the best water park, look no further.

Our line of blast zone inflatables stand above the competition in terms of quality and design. While Blast Zone obviously improved the overall design with their Mega line of inflatables with all the features, they also added additional commercial grade materials to make these units more durable. At the time of this post, Blast Zone has not specified a warranty time period for their bulky inflatables, but it is very likely longer than the 90 days currently offered by the industry.

In short, I am very impressed with the latest inflatables coming out of the blast zone and am eager to see future mega inflatables.

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