Sporting innovative, forward-looking modern amenities and features

The Sports Stadium is the place to go if you want to watch a live sporting event. It is also the perfect venue for concerts and other types of large gatherings as these venues can accommodate huge crowds of people.

For sports fans who frequent stadiums to watch their favorite sporting events, they already know the usual amenities and features: food stalls, restrooms, giant TV screens broadcasting the live event, etc. These are just the staples of a typical stadium. However, there are now stadiums under construction or under renovation that aim to pioneer modernity and innovation in terms of facilities, amenities and features that will surely amaze all attendees.

Here are some of the innovative amenities and features we can look forward to in our state-of-the-art sports venues:

TVs in the seats. Although there are already video boards around the stadium, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a TV screen in front of your seat? While this feature may not be available in all seats, some sections or areas of the stadium can certainly accommodate it. These televisions will certainly give the fans the chance to watch the live action on the field in front of them and at the same time, follow a different and interesting spectacle.

Free wifi. Unfortunately, not all stadiums are equipped to provide free Wi-Fi for all spectators. Once stadiums offer this feature, fans will all have the same access to the latest scores and stats about the league they follow while still enjoying the unique experience of watching the game in person.

Customizable instant replay for each spectator. Once your TV and mobile devices are connected via Wi-Fi, personalized content can start streaming. Fans will be able to see the scores and fouls being committed whenever they want while watching the live match. They will certainly be able to provide better feedback and share their opinions and experiences with others in real time as well.

Bars or gyms overlooking the stadium. Stadium owners now know that they can sell alcohol in more extravagant and expensive ways than just traditional vendors and concession stands. And this is by making bars or lounges sparkling in their courts. When a bar or lounge allows fans a clear, unobstructed view of the field, they will surely enjoy their stay in such areas. These bars or lounges allow fans to enjoy two of their favorite scenes: the raucous, enthusiastic sports bar crowd and the live match in front of them.

TV screens in the bathrooms. Finally, the only place on the court where you’re likely to miss a move right now is the bathroom. Spectators usually spend a lot of time here because it is full of other fans who want to spend a lot of time here. Once there are televisions in the bathroom, you will not be able to miss any minute of the match.

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