Modloft furniture: quality, affordability and design

Modloft has, over the past two years, grown significantly in the United States and Canada. With over 100 stores and growing, Ted Toledano has made it a big brand in the modern furniture market. While most of the other players in modern furniture focus on chairs, bar stools, benches, and tables, Modloft has made its place in residential furniture with modern beds, Modloft entertainment centers, dressers, and nightstands.

Although Modloft also caters to the restaurant chairs and tables sectors, the main focus has been on the modern residential furniture market. Not only do they evolve their designs every season, but they also keep changing their logo, location, and colors to maintain the freshness of the brand and its products.

New collections are added every year with some hidden in the existing collection being home from Modloft. While Modloft outdoor furniture is a non-inventory item that serves restaurants and resorts, most residential furniture always has a good inventory on hand. With warehouses in Miami and North Carolina, furniture logistics are handled well and efficiently.

Although most of their manufacturing is done from China, some of them are made in nearshore countries like Brazil as well. Primarily, the furniture is made of Medium Density Fiber (MDF) with white lacquer, oak laminate, walnut veneer and wenge over it. They produce high quality modern furniture but like any piece made of MDF, durability increases if you don’t move it frequently. Repetitive movements of any modern furniture can cause damage, scratches, missing finishes, and ruined corners.

The classic Modloft Monroe beds and Worth beds are some of the best sellers in the platform bed department. Both are Japanese inspired low rise near floor beds with clean rectilinear designs. Most of the headboards come in leather or fabric and the footboard in wenge or walnut. They have side tables and matching wardrobe for all groups. Their bedrooms feature Italian innovation and modern design in an elegant way.

Modloft TV Stands are the second most sold item. Lexington TV Stands Floor Stands for Living Room with Modern Furniture. The previously best selling Anna Wall unit has been replaced by the Esplendore and Fenzo Wall Units. The living room line is accompanied by a coffee table, bookcases, stools and side tables.

Luxo and Azur by Modloft is a high-end furniture collection. Most of the products in these groups are non-stock items that have a lead time of ten to fourteen weeks and can be custom-made according to needs. Modloft, with its current offering, epitomizes modern mid-to-upper segment residential furniture very well.

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