How will Indian malls operate in the coming years?

1. Shipping centers may be the future

We all know that whenever you feel like having fun and spending quality time with your friends, going to the shopping mall is the best thing to do. Nowadays, people are too busy to find time to visit the shopping mall, so they prefer shopping from e-commerce websites.

When we talk about India, the conversion of shopping mall to cargo centers has not started yet. However, there is some buzz about converting malls into charging centers.

2. You will find more than just shopping in malls in the future

Now, we found that most of the malls are not aware of this yet.

We need to understand that people want to have specific reasons for visiting a mall because almost everything is available online. That is why, in the future, malls will not be just shopping; These malls will entertain people.

These malls will have to develop into entertainment centers to attract more visitors. Future malls are expected to provide a relaxed atmosphere full of fun and enjoyment.

The situation would be the opposite of what we see today in Indian malls in general, just a large number of products kept in a row and a dull or tense atmosphere.

3. Experience is what matters

When we talk about the future of retail in India, there are a lot of expectations.

The number of restaurants and other entertainment attractions is expected to increase considerably in the coming years. Also, a new trend of conducting various classes like yoga classes, swimming classes, zumba classes, etc. will increase. Of course, modern people are no longer interested in visiting a large building containing only products; A unique and unforgettable experience will be more important.

4. Small town shopping malls will be the future

Now, most of the people in India are bored with the regular shops; They are looking for something interesting. According to many retail experts, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtraditional malls will be reinvented in the coming years. As we said earlier, experience will be more important than extravagance, so retail stores will focus on creating fun communities so that customers have a great experience.

Soon, malls will move forward, integrating physical or mental wellness centers into malls.

Incorporating entertainment centers into shopping malls will move the retail industry towards building small towns.

5. Environment integration

We have come to the conclusion that shopping malls in the future will do more to make people connect with each other.

At the same time, future malls will begin to incorporate natural elements to revolutionize the kind of environment we live in today in Indian malls. You might expect to see shopping malls with a grand design, completely reconstructing the environment you live in, giving it the appearance of a village.

Some retail makers have recognized the importance of providing a unique, friendly and natural experience. From trees to waterfalls and serene ambience with plenty of sunlight in malls, perhaps the future of malls in India is very ‘bright’.

6. Urban farming is the way to go

Nothing could be more exciting than getting fresh fruits, vegetables or other food items straight from the farms. Well, you can expect that to happen in the future.

In India, this may sound “unrealistic”, but in the coming years, a lot of revolutions will happen in the retail industry gradually. Incorporating urban farms into Indian malls will take a lot of time, but we must remember that the malls of the future will care about you and your needs more than anything else.

7. Robots

The use of modern technologies in shopping malls will increase in the coming years. You can expect some cute robots to greet you in the malls. Also, in the coming years, the use of different technological tools will be integrated.

These bots will also act as salespeople. Therefore, the future will be full of technology to make customers’ dealings more satisfactory.

8. Virtual fitting rooms

You know what the future of the mall is much more than just shopping for products by actually trying them on. Like, you might expect to find some mirrors that give you the ability to try on makeup digitally. Additionally, you may also be able to try on different outfits with the help of virtual fitting rooms. So, no more struggling and moving to and from rooms full of tons of clothes you’ll want to try on.

Note that it again seems ‘unrealistic’ given the current scenario of Indian malls, but its scope and future hold a lot of possibilities.

9. Use of virtual reality

With the use of virtual reality, shopping becomes more comfortable.

Virtual reality will also become a source of entertainment. In the future, you may not be required to visit theme parks for amazing virtual experiences.

From the trip to the zoo to going into the depths of the sea, virtual reality looks into the future, where shopping malls will provide you with unforgettable entertainment.

10. Pain-free parking

Do you also find it annoying that whenever you go to malls you get problems when trying to find a parking space? Well, this is a big problem in traditional malls. In the future, this scenario would just become one of the horrific experiences of the past. Using overhead sensors will make it easier to find a free parking spot.

11. It is not limited only to the purchase or purchase of products

Now, we all know that the concept of retail rental is not yet a standard in Indian malls, but it will gradually become one. Buying this expensive dress for a party, doesn’t seem like a good idea. In the future, you will be able to rent expensive products that may include expensive exercise equipment or clothing.

12. 3D ads

In almost every average shopping mall, we’ve seen those brightly colored signs, and these too might become things of the past. 3D advertising will be the future. In the coming years, you can expect to see more eco-friendly 3D ads that can grab a customer’s attention very quickly.

13. Customer interaction via applications

We are already aware of the fact that apps are used everywhere. Several shopping giants in India already have their own apps for customer interaction. But, in the future, this will greatly increase. Navigating through the shopping mall will become smooth like never before. These apps will give you the freedom to book restaurants in advance.

14. Learning spaces

Soon, you may also find reading rooms in malls. This follows on from what I said earlier that future malls will be more about health and learning.

These malls will have a huge library of books to read from.

15. Retail classroom

This is another exciting idea that can help companies interact with customers in a better way. Classroom retail involves many brands organizing gatherings or seminars, including presentations of their services or products to attract potential customers.

These presentations can include the product manufacturing process and the people behind creating the product. This is an excellent way to engage customers in a better way. Indian futuristic malls will teach you at the same time and provide entertainment.


So, we have come to the end of this article. We hope you got an insight into the cool things that will enhance your future experience in a shopping mall. We can say that there are endless possibilities. We’ll actually see these things in the future.

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